What Is Transponder Key Technology

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Transponder Key Technology

Transponder Key Technology

The transponder keys are different to the traditional keys when it comes to their ability to transmit specialized radio signals onto a remote-receiver. The more common use for these key types today is in different types of automobiles. You are able to lock, unlock and start a vehicle by a receiver located close to the steering wheel that acknowledges that a key is present. Every key will be programmed to the vehicle with an aim to reduce vehicle thefts.

How Do Transponder Keys Work?

The transponder keys have been in use since 1996. Inside the plastic handles features a carbon microchip and glass. It is the microchips which electronically transmit signals to the receiver inside the vehicle. In general, these receivers are close to the vehicle’s steering column. Each of the keys are programmed for specific the vehicle which contains a unique serial-number. When starting the vehicle, it will need to acknowledge that the transponder-key is present, otherwise the vehicle will fail to start. The same applies to the functions that involve unlocking and locking the vehicle.

About Bypassing

There happen to be a few ways in order to bypass the requirement of a transponder key. These include specialized kits, but it is essential to ensure that the kit will not affect the warranty on the vehicle before going ahead with this option. One of the better alternatives is to ensure the owner of the vehicle keeps an additional transponder key in a safe and accessible place, should they misplace the original key. A locksmith or the dealership of the vehicle are usually able to make duplicates of these keys or supply a key if the owner of the vehicle loses the key. In certain instances, a specialized pin-code will be a necessity in order to place an order for an extra transponder key, which is made available through certain locksmiths and dealerships.

Does Transponder Technology Reduce The Risks Associated With Car Theft?

While a transponder key can result in a more complex way for a thieve to gain entry into a vehicle, there are many that know how to bypass these systems, or they simply transport the vehicle away from the location in the way of towing it. To date, there is nothing that makes a vehicle entirely theft-proof, yet technology associated with the transponder keys reduces the levels of theft in vehicles in a surprisingly effective manner.

Additional Items Which Use Transponder-Key Technology

Transponder-key technology is not exclusive to only vehicles. This technology also features in business and residential alarm systems, in automatic garage doors and gates, in remotes, along with a number of lockable elements.

In conclusion, today the transponder keys are highly sensitive. This means they can sustain damages if they are dropped. For this reason, it is suggested that you treat these keys with care to prevent unnecessary issues. However, if a transponder key is accidentally damaged or dropped, it is always suggested to hire services of experienced locksmiths or the dealership to replace these chip keys.