Html 5 Development

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As many organizations continue to seek ways to improve productivity and performance across the enterprise both for employees and customers alike, HTML5 development both for mobile apps as well as for mobile websites provides a viable option to deliver performance that is both innovative and feature-rich.

Html 5 Development

With the rave reviews HTML5 has received ever since its debut, many are tempted to believe that HTML5 is the best thing that has happened to the Worldwide Web since Web 2.0. HTML5’s ability to cache content on the user’s system rather than the cloud, its user-friendly interface, and its multimedia streaming features, among a long list of attractive attributes, makes HTML5 the ideal open source development platform for cross-browser-based mobile app development.

HTML5 development at Halosys Technologies happens in an environment that is both platform-independent and non-proprietary in nature. Looking for a highly experienced dedicated team that can develop HTML5-based apps for your company along with a comprehensive list of other services? Halitosis Technologies can help.

HTML5 Development from Halosys Technologies ensures that the entire versatility of the scripting language is leveraged successfully in every aspect of the apps development cycle including:

Built-in geolocation feature that helps us develop location-aware and proximity apps cost-effectively

Seamless integration of graphics, video, and animation as a plug-in-free alternative thereby reducing user dependencies on Flex, Flash, and Silverlight

Proven track record of success when implemented on low-end tablets and smartphones with entry-level processor speeds

Reduced dependency on browser plug-ins and add-ons

Backward compatibility thus increasing the life span of previously developed HTML applications

Enhanced interactive web experience from your users’ perspective

Dedicated teams specifically constituted to address your needs with a view to controlling costs, improving quality and reducing time to market Demonstrated expertise in HTML5 technologies including Canvas, AJAX navigation, JavaScript, open-source codecs, APIs,

rich media and other related frameworks on all major browsers Experience with using HTML5 for iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile app development Extensive apps development and cross-browser testing experience essential for HTML5 applications Hands-on knowledge of specialty compilers such as adapt, Titanium and Phonegap thus enabling the same HTML5-based app to function on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.