How To Rank Website On Google

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Improve your website’s user experience

when you develop blog or website, you aware about the great designing of the website, you don’t make a website for our self reading, you write the content for the end user, when user visit your site, that time your website, determine, how your website quality, if your website don’t have proper navigation, then the chances bouncing or are you there may left your side, for that we need powerful website with good interface and navigation,

Rank Website On Google

if your website design is good then chances to increase web traffic and engaging.

Let’s see how we can improve website rank on google:

when we writing any blog or article, you must use white spaces, white spaces is essential for, good design, that makes your content more legible, put the spaces between highlighted word, that will help people focus on that.

When you’re writing a lot of content in paragraph you must give line break in between that paragraph, mostly people don’t like to read a long blog or continue paragraph, you need divide your paragraph into meaningful sentences, you can make four lines group, and arrange that paragraph with the beautiful spaces,

when you develop blogger website

Update Your Content Regularly:

updating content is a most important factor in the blogging, most of the new blogger write some content on their website for the 30 to 40 days after getting AdSense, the concentrated on the traffic not on the content so, that will reduce performers and authority of the site, if you don’t update your content regularly, this will affect to your SEO, the main logic behind that,

search engine crawler  always check and update your sitemap, photo the search engine will understand you are maintaining your website and adding the new content, that will improve your performance of the website and the traffic, one more thing is that you must need to upload unique content, because, duplicate content will decrease your site performance . Your all new post will automatically indexed and you will get organic traffic.

Start title tags with your target keyword:

search engines display only the first 60 to 70 characters of a page’s title in their search results. for this reason you must write your title within 60 to 70 character,
title tag should be minimum word and descriptive , that might give idea about blog / article, focus keyword must be included in your title.

Title Metadata:

SEO meta data which appears on search engine result pages (SERP) when you search something one the internet you can oberved that It includes the title of the page , that called title metadata description .

make sure write informative content in title metadata,this will boost and increase your site raking

Write great content optimized for SEO :

Write seo optimize article/blog , cover focus keyword in details,if you are writing long post them make your you have index before the starting any article this will helps people to understand the flow the article.this is not mandatory.

Use images to display some information , at least one images must have in article ,use proper Title with including focus keyword.

Get more backlinks:

Backlink is most important factor in SEO ranking. High domain authoring if gives you do follow backlink this will help to get traffics as well boost your ranking in SEO
How to achieve this ,
1]By posting Guest post on related websites.
2] Blog commenting small description with site link
3] By using email marketing you can reach to people,
4]By building infographic technique

Use Outbound Links:

Outbound link , also called external link
outbound link is nothing but referring one site to another site using do follow link/ anchor tag you direct visitors from page to other site . likewise inbound link is referring self post/article link in current article / post like that you can add external related link in your content . this method will create spider around the article .this will help you to gain traffic and increase seo ranking

Improve your page speed. 

Page speed is another important factor in SEO because you don’t know at the end user they have good internet speed or very bad internet speed, if they have good condition then no matter but if they has low internet connectivity that time ,time taken to load website fully is is much higher.

If your website take too much time to load in that case people will switch your website and more to another website, you can check this by using page speed checker by Google, make sure youth percentage of the page speed is greater than 80%, if less than 80% of 70% you need to improve your site performance, if you install heavy plugin into your website that may decrease your performance of the site, analyse the problem and try to solve

Guest post on relevant blogs:

Guest posting to related blog will help you to crate spider , each website will interlinks each other , people will aslo know about your blog / site.this may help you to boost seo ranking and increasing traffice

Fix broken links.

 let’s talk about broken links, broken links are not only bad experience for the user but it also harmful for your site, please directly affect to your SEO,

broken link is nothing but dead link that webpage no longer available because of the some reason, are the content of that link is not available, that called as dead link or broken link, when you maintain your website you need to find which links are dead, find that I’ll fix that, this will create very bad experience this will also reduce your SEO ranking, whenever you maintain your website, there are many toll are available on the Internet to find broken links, this tool will help you to find which link is broken, find the cause of that link and remove that,

what is actually dead link: if you write one article before two to five month before and suddenly you delete that artical are you may not need that article in the future, that time you delete that link, if someone have that link and he click on that link, the user cannot visit that page because that link is not available this will create bad impression

Be active on social media:

Nowadays  blogger don’t just go to Google and Bing or any search engine they also use social media for engagement 

Social media is the  most effective way to push SEO ranking . While the referring  links from your social media is another way of promoting your site, but it has less effective ,  some while you will get traffic , but it will slightly boost seo, before that you must need shareable content , thats why you need to Optimize Your Website Content for Social Sharing.

Social media SEO  activities will definitely boost your website  organic traffic through search engines.most of the content creater use this method to rank their side in search engine

Put your target keyword in the URL:

by putting reference link your article will interlink you site ,and make local spidar within site. in some one click internal URL link ,this will help to use to get more information regarding that relative keyword

Use H1 and H2 header tags.

 H1 Tag  is Important for SEO. Each   post  have multiple headings. H1 HTML tag , this is usually used for to give title of a page, this is used before starting any article,make sure , you can you multile H1 tag for heading,

another is H2 tag this is mainly  use for giving sub heading , sub heading is used to focus any word or line ,You can you Targeted keyword in H1 and H2 tag

Post Long Content:

The minimum length of a blog post is between 1000 to 2000 words. Longer posts generally rank easily in search engine search. if your content around more that 15000 words this might be shared by users.,for posting long content you require strong skill, you can post step by step with detailed information , you can make table and describe those in details

 Take Advantage of Internal Linking:

internal link is nothing but this link will connect your internal pages within website it’s a good idea to structure your website, this technique will help you to maintain the hierarchy , link that grow from one page to the another page into the same same domain that technique is called as internal linking, district acchi will definitely boost Your SEO ranking, internal linking is also called as inbound link, the most of the search engine master suggest this technique, now internal link is also part of a offline SEO

Aim for “position zero:

Position Zero is also called featured spinet

Position zero is the data Google offers at the highest point of the list items. Position zero is likewise called the included snippet, and is actually that: a highlighted bit of substance that legitimately answers a searched query

Image Optimization:

image Optimization is nothing but reducing your images size as possible as without sacrificing its quality, this will help to you load your web page fast, If you are using WordPress, on the work there are the lot of tools are available for the reducing size of the images. Try to use JPG format instead of PNG format because the PNG format will take a a much size, images can ranking position, this rank will also help you to get more visitor .

use at least two or three images into your blog post or article, images meta tag will help you to rank your site your site , basically image Optimization helps in improving page load speed and boost website SEO ranking, make sure you use relative images, that matches to your content, another is create image caption that will help to user to understand what type of image it is

Promote your new blog :

If you new in blogging then you must promote your site on social media platform, by emailing you also reach to people.

Google adwords platform will help you to promote your site /blog

Answer on Quora: :

most of small blogger and big blogger use quora to get traffic and building seo, you can write answer to related question , and also you can mention your site information their

Target less competitive – longtail keywords :

for newbie it most difficult to rank their website on the internet,Short keyword because competition is very high ,

long tail keyword has less competition , as compair to short keyword

long tail keyword usually have less searches but will usually have high conversion as per compare to short ,You can Uses Ahref Tool,ubersuggest ,smerush for finding long tail keyword

Use LSI keywords in your body content:

you Must include   Keywords in the First Half of the blog . and important keyword around your main keyword , this keyword must be focused by using bold tag. You can repeated this keyword in your article not more that 5 times

 Blog commenting:

 blog commenting is also interesting topic it’s likely Boost Your traffic due to the comments, lot of the article available on the internet below that there are the commenting section, you read the block and write comment about the block blog,

you can write review of suggestion or anything you want, in between that you can promote your website link there, if someone reading that your content are clicking on that your link you get traffic, few year ago this method is used widely.

This will slightly help you to build SEO and search engine ranking.

If you use this method then please comment for your experience

Your website must be mobile friendly:

most of the website available on the Internet are not web mobile friendly, this is main drawback one person visit your website and your website look like a desktop view which makes bad impression, a person visited your website using their mobile, the content of your article is not readable then chances increases that it they will keep your website and move to another site. Nowadays most of the internet user are mobile user, if you convert your website into mobile friendly website then people will stay on your website, if you don’t do mobile friendly website you can 100% lost mobile user

Guestographics method

Guestographics is nothing but on page SEO it’s a better method to get legitimate Bank link to your site, this will complete your Google ranking requirement, if you search anything on the Internet you find that your targeted QR is highlighted on the website, that is the part of a Guestographics technique, guest of graphic is a legal way to do on page SEO by using that you can link build your internal link. Jester graphic is very helpful to find your post over the internet, that’s all about guestographics method

Follow Google’s guidelines:

Google has already provided the if you Optimisation guide on their website.

Here are the some common,

when you write any article, your idea should be will be clear. In the title tag you use appropriate title for your blog article, if there are lot of content in your article then please provide the subheading .

Metadata title is another important factor, whenever you search on something on the Google which website link there are some text written on the below link that is called as a metadata title and meta data description, If you are using WordPress, this will help you to do that or you can manually put your code by writing manually, providing the image attribute and Alt name properties this will also help you to rank your image on the Google, your content should be unique, if Google find any copied article from the internet Google will panel-lies, before starting any block reach each and every guideline that provided by the Google here is the here

Make your content easily shareable:

you wrote killer article, and publish . The next important step is to make your article shareable there are a lot of social media site available on the internet and its plugin also available , you install that in your website. Whenever you write engaging content and you say like your content he will definitely share your content to another social media site via clicking shareable buttons , this will also help you to rank your site and Boost traffic, this is the one of the important concept in SEO.

Use HTTPS Site Protocol :

SSL stands for secure socket layer is a security protocol used to encrypt the data and pass to the server without any interruption or disturbance, many of the hacker will try to temper your website and hack your data, avoiding that hacking situation you need to install secure socket layer that makes SSL certificate into your website, SSL make your website secure for visitors, SSL encrypt all encryption data and communication like URL and protect against from fraud,

if you do internet banking, the URL of the bank is starting from https, because the  the transaction happen on that side is secure. Most of the government site uses https protocol.

By using SSL you get search engine ranks and get the trust worldwide, this will help to you  rank your website in search engine,  if your website has https then people visit your website without hesitating  they know http secure.

 If you’re reading this block then please look at the URL, URL start from the https. In simple word https stands for trust

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