How To Earn Online Free Tips and Tricks (2020)

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Online earning
How To earn Online

Offline earning have some root and the restriction, you get minimum payout with your hard work, if you have many skills then you can be  at good position. 99% people in the world are the doing offline earning. 1% of the people do online Research and by that research they earn online. Online earning can be alternative source, you can fulfill your needs, you can buy new thing that you can’t buy with offline earning, the range of the online earning is thousand times much higher than offline  earning.

When you choose any online option you need to re verify that. otherwise you will stuck in problem. There are numerous  way  to earn online but be careful to find  appropriate platform. In the following blog we will discuss some of them which are very helpful to you to earn online by sitting at home

the most the strategy online earning behind it’s not so complicated. like running a business in locally. Looking to pay every person that works under with you, you also need to manage the all levels, this is very time consuming or you need to 3% to handle that, but in online earning, one single person is enough, although online book

 only internet will help you to online there are the most of the resources, available offline for exchanging information and selling products or reviews, all news channel all news channels, they make their online presence, and make engaging content, the more engaging continue have the more you earn

Freelancing :

freelancing is another popular way to earn money online.

 website for freelancing that help you to earn online, but working on the online you have at least one skill set.

 First of all you need to log in one account and browse the listing choose appropriate category that match to your skill set search the your category skill set matching job on their portal, some of the website is allowing us to apply from their website for the freelancing work there are the lot of website are available in the market for the freelancing,

 some of that as follow:

click here to earn 100$ by just sign up is a new platform for the tester each review takes around 20 to 25 minute and you can near about $10 via PayPal

the some of the website that provide the freelancing job, you can earn between $5 to $25000. But one thing is there when you submit your job and your task will complete that time when the client get approved your job  that time the client will release payment. You can get paid by using Paypal or Wire transfer aur wire transfer to your account.


online earning

there are a lot of material are available on the website by using that you can create your own website.If you are good in writing,then blogging will be your future I know you  will be millionaire  in some your.

If you are bigger then you can go with a, is a free website of Google that you can make a free block without hosting or without paying any money. There are the lot of tutorials on the Internet that will help you to how to create blog from scratch.

 What are the basic stage of  blogging:

 first choosing domain

 second choosing template or theme

 third is selecting layout

 and forth most important point is your website should be responsive

 once you completed above four  task

 then next stage is writing maximum  700 2000  line article, after writing about 30 post then you can apply Google AdSense,

what is Google AdSense: Google AdSense is a platform by using that you can monetize your website,  you can apply your website for AdSense website, once you get AdSense approval, the next stage is,

putting AdSense ad into your blog, you can paste that add it to header or sidebar section.

The more traffic you have the more you earn, main point is your article should be unique and engaging. Minimum payout of AdSense is $100.

Affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing is another way of earning online, in a simple way affiliate is to promote third party  products   on your  website. Affiliate marketing is allow to insert web link and banner on to your website.

Affiliate marketing is a similar like online shop. When people visit your website,

they can view contents article or ads, some of them are interested to buying that stuff that display in the add. When end user checkout with that product and purchase that product. Some commission of that product will be deposited into your affiliated account, that’s how you are awarded.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple way to earn online, the simple trick is to getting more customer, are visitor, write something about the product and give the link of that affiliated product. The main motive is, you write a detailed description about the product, using it pros and cons, if you say like that product, then definitely they will click your ads, and make purchase. The famous online  earner. Use affiliated marketing technique to make more money.

In simple sentence: create wale niche block, gather traffic, put some populated link on web pages, when user purchase any product we will get some Commission, that the simple way to earn online, the more you sell the more you earn


if you are good in teaching, or good in explain anything in detail, with unique ideas, then you too will be option for you.

 What you  need to create a YouTube channel:

 as per my experience if you are busy now you need only one camera and one mic, create a video presentation with step by step. If you are using any video editor, then you can edit your video, by putting some title awesome slideshow,

 that will engage your people, to watch your videos.

 YouTube is a similar like a blogging but in the blogging you have to write  everything but  in the YouTube you need to create a video of that content. Upload some interesting video tutorial. News blogging,  tech blogging, cooking recipe,

 that anything in that you can convert that contain into video. Once you get 1000 subscriber, then you can apply YouTube AdSense, to monetize your  YouTube channel. Payment is based on the 1000 you, when you monitor your blog you have friend to put some ads on your website like that venue monitise your video, when your video will play online by the end user, they will see some ad or for interstitial ad, on your video, if some of them click that video and make purchase, you will get   earned.

Data entry work:

data entry is widely available in the international platform. Most of the company need to maintain their data online, without recruiting any employees, they hire freelancer data entry person,

 what you need for data entry?

 Good internet connection, and computer, with typing skill. If you complete, this requirement, then you can get any data entry work online.

 in Next article we will provide the data entry website link to you, that will help to you on online. The minimum payout of data entry is $5, most of the company use PayPal to pay you. You can work by hour, or you can take some amount to complete that task. Some of the website having bits option on their website,  people apply their beads. If clan get minimum if clan get minimum bits option they will hire you for that task. Most of the data entry work in the world, did by India and Africa countries.

Selling your product:

 selling your product online is the another way of earning online for that you need a website that having, some products with details with price, you can create your own brand and and publish it online,

Amazon ,Flipkart ,eBay, that help you to sale your product using  they are site,

website designing:

if you come from computer background then you know that website designing is a very simple process, if you’re having good knowledge about website creating managing and deploying on the server then you can get the website designing job easily. You can create your simple website and put your services on that and make marketing of that website, people will will visit that website and call you or place order.

What you need for the designing website:

having a good designing skill,

making a responsive website for the tablet mobile and PC,

good domain of the website and hosting(you can purchase multiple domain hosting premiumpack)

two options are available in the designing website:

  • Static Website:
  • Dynamic website

static website are those website that contents cannot be changed or cannot be modified,when you visit again and again the same content will appear,there is no need to maintain,that website call static effect,the cost of the static website is very less because it doesn’t require maintaining.

Example Government website

Dynamic Website:

main make website website that contents changes when you visit again and again,each content are different when you visit,

example like Facebook ,Instagram dynamic website content database,the date of the website after in the database andwith using some technique and the quries,data will display accordingly.

How much you earn from website designing:

by using website designing you can earn from $50 to $2,500,depending upon the country

Online Teaching:

if you are good inexpert in any language topic,you think you are skilled you can teach people online,it’s very simpleby sitting at your own place you can take another people which are sitting on the another location or in the country,this is called distance learning.

They will paid you for your  teaching skills 

how much you earn from teaching:you can earn $20 to $500

if you Found any alternative online learning platform then please comment the other people will also get benefit from your comment

Also Be aware about tech law :click here

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