Homeland Security Employees Locked Out of Network

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Digital security is extremely important for everyone who uses internet connected technology, but it is especially important for the people who protect our national security. If someone wants something bad enough, there is always a way to get it. Unfortunately in this case, it seemed to be a lapse of judgement.

The Department of Homeland Security is one of the larger government agencies who was duties consist of immigration services, cyber defense, border security and more.

Reuters and other news outlets reported this issue early Tuesday. This is when they also learned that it may have been affecting a USCIS facility in Philadelphia as well. According to the source, at least four DHS buildings in the Washington area were effected, including locations used by Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Employees were initially having issues logging into networks on Tuesday morning due to a problem with the servers that authenticated their identities according to the source. Some employees were able to access the system using a alternate method.

It’s reported that there did not appear to be any network redundancy established that would have provided a quick fix. There was no evidence of foul play according to the source, and it appears that there just may have been expired certificate errors that affected the logins.

This issue is just one of the many the the DHS has been facing under the new administration. It also serves as a reminder, that digital security is extremely important for everyone; especially for the people keep our country’s digital security intact. Personal You can learn ways to verify and correct your login issues here.