Can Co-browsing Technology Improve the Mobile Retail Experience?

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Co-browsing Technology Improve the Mobile Retail Experience?

Do you ever wonder what your customers think of your eCommerce environment?
If you have the right feedback tools in place, you can gather insight from those
who have interacted with you, made a purchase or even asked a question.
You can ask them to complete a survey and use that information to make necessary adjustments.

co-browsing Technology
co-browsing technology

While this is an important process to complete, what about the individual who looks around your site for a particular product, can’t find what they need or answers to a question and quickly leave the site? You could measure bounce rates and you make adjustments to try and prevent it in the future, but wouldn’t you gain more valuable insight if you engage with the customer before they leave?

This is the motivation behind co-browsing technology, the ability to experience the eCommerce environment with a current or prospective customer and help them solve a problem, answer a question or find a product so they’re more likely to complete the transaction. With live-help services, a company is in a better position to interact with the customer while still in the searching stage before they’re ready to take flight. It not only improves numbers – it also improves the likelihood that such customers will come back.

A recent ForeSee mobile retail report analyzed the customer experience for 2,500 consumers across the top 10 mobile retail websites in the UK. The point was to gather insight on how these consumers are using their mobiles to browse, research and purchase goods. One clear finding: the top mobile sites are lagging behind their website counterparts. The survey identified a four-point gap in customer satisfaction between mobile sites and traditional websites.

An important point here is that consumers will often use their mobile devices to research certain products or companies and if the experience isn’t up to expectations, they may be more likely to go to a competitor when it comes time to buy. The most disturbing reality could be the fact that the gap between mobile and traditional websites is widening, suggesting that either retailers aren’t addressing the issue or consumer demands are intensifying.

So how can co-browsing technology help? We know that providing the opportunity to live chat on a website can improve the experience for the consumer. This is especially true if the agent on the other end of the line knows exactly what page the customer is on and what they are doing – experiencing the site in real-time along with them. If the same technology could be applied to the mobile experience, could it turn the tide in mobile user satisfaction?

co browsing support


Indeed it can. The key for success will thus be in understanding why consumers use the mobile site and what they hope to accomplish while there. Then, it’s important to understand whether the experience is frustrating because of menus, lack of information, poor responsive technology or other elements. Therefore, by helping company understand what consumers want and when they want it, co-browsing technology can be used to improve outcomes across both Web and mobile channels.  

Screen Share

At the point when operators are keen on indicating clients something that is outside the program, a screen share arrangement is the appropriate response. Screen sharing permits specialists to show their screen or view and control the client’s screen.

For example, with screen share innovation, sales reps can present, demo, or offer data that is on their screens. With the snap of a catch, possibilities can in a split second observe what is on the specialist’s screen and the demo is making excellent progress so far. Then again, you can utilize invert screen share in a client assistance circumstance to fix any issues a client may be encountering.

Upscope :

Upscope is the simplest screen sharing solution platform for support staff of web products.

Surfly :

Surfly is a visual engagement tool . That helps you for sharing web sessions online. With Surfly co-browsing you can assist and help customers directly from your place , using single click you can use this.


Acquire is similer to screen sharing platform by using that Agent can actually see the customer screen ,but its limited depends upon the client what they want to share. main advantage is No software installation needed. only camera and mic setups required

All of above has similer functionality, you can choose any one of these as per yor requirment


Thats all about co browsing