5 Reasons To Be Afraid Of Robots

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Real robots such as robot vacuum cleaner Roomba robot or a house Asimo , does not cause us any concern. By the way, the iRobot company producing the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba, also makes military robots for the US Army. A Asimo robot is only the beginning of the “invasion” of humanoid robots.

      But look at the other side of the automated vacuum cleaners and amusing dancing androids. Japan and Korea are planning to expand production-sitters robots to care for the elderly, while the United States has already released thousands of combat robots, bad acting on the battlefield. At the same time, a lot of people improve their body robotic technologies, making them closer to their electronic siblings.

      Many experts say that the future is rapidly approaching, if not already arrived. Robots will probably not be able to oust or kill a person completely but can outperform humans in thinking, and in this article, we calculate the reasons that you do not need to hide your fear of these metal neighbors.

Here is 5-reasons-to-be-afraid-of-robots

Reason No 5: Robots sneak into our hearts

      Robots do not need the superiority of man in power if people have already impressed their attractiveness, elegance, this unique gait “robot.” And the human brain allows children and soldiers to feel affection for robots. People always recognize faces or emotions that are almost all, especially common in animals and cars. And while robots are seeking ways, one has cleverly bypassed the obstacles of the mind. Valley – an anthropomorphic robot from the cartoon of the «Disney». These chudokovatye twitching, stuttering, gazing camera-eyes will melt the ice in the heart of each. Many developers are already trying to get around this by producing robots least similar to a person to keep the desire to animate the car.

Reason No 4:

Users can choose to love the robot

Experts and do not be surprised if a man falls in love with robots – they are already discussing what will happen when those days come. This may sound like a joke, but think that many people have virtual novels, chatting on the net for quite intimate topics and participate massively multiplayer online games. “Current robots look like people, sometimes even better,” – say, robotics researchers.

Reason No 3: Robots do our work

Anything you can do, they will do better. Well, most of it. But robots have already found svoemesto as astronauts, they can withstand tough environmental conditions both in space and on Earth. They do not get tired and effectively carry out routine work, and the number of professionals who master robots is constantly growing. Now robots perform only part of human work because of their limited intelligence, but they quickly evolve, some robots are already doing their own scientific discoveries.

Reason No 2:

Rise of the Machines: kill all the people …

The scenario where the machines rebelled against their creators, is impossible. This does not mean that there are no signs of the possibility of such an uprising in the future. Thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles and wheeled robots used by many countries, including the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. An automatic anti-aircraft gun killed her soldier during the exercise in South Africa.

      Military researchers refer to the scenario of the Terminator and seriously discuss how armed robots will change the existing rules and methods of modern warfare. If this is not enough to get you thinking for a while, here’s another interesting fact: The United Kingdom has launched a network of satellites to coordinate their “drone” and other military equipment. And it is called in the same way as the “sneaky” artificial intelligence from the movie – Skynet.

The reason No 1:

your grandchildren will be robots

And while robots and people fight and make peace, the most likely scenario in the future – to reach an agreement. On the one hand – people who continue to introduce various technological gizmos and tiny computers in their daily lives. You can already watch the cyborgs of the XXI century, which throughout play their iPhone or go with a button inserted in the ears, is broadcast music directly to their head. Already used artificial limbs, organs, etc. On the other hand – robots are constantly improving in all sorts of ways: walking, talking, and maintenance of self-learning. Man and machine will be improved constantly and at some point, the difference between them will cease to exist.

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